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Movie Swordfights Results!

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you may recall I promised to share the results of the call for the best historical swordfights on screen that I put out a few weeks ago. So far we have over 80 responses. There is no sensible way to share them in an email, so I've created a blog post with links to the form, and with the current results attached as a downloadable csv file. You can find the post here:




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Dr. Guy Windsor is a world-renowned instructor and a pioneering researcher of medieval and renaissance martial arts. He has been teaching the Art of Arms full-time since founding The School of European Swordsmanship in Helsinki, Finland, in 2001. His day job is finding and analysing historical swordsmanship treatises, figuring out the systems they represent, creating a syllabus from the treatises for his students to train with, and teaching the system to his students all over the world. Guy is the author of numerous classic books about the art of swordsmanship and has consulted on swordfighting game design and stage combat. He developed the card game, Audatia, based on Fiore dei Liberi's Art of Arms, his primary field of study. In 2018 Edinburgh University awarded him a PhD by Research Publications for his work recreating historical combat systems. When not studying medieval and renaissance swordsmanship or writing books Guy can be found in his shed woodworking or spending time with his family.

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Hi! I’m just back from Helsinki, where I had a marvellous time (as always). On Saturday we had an armoured combat and polearms seminar, which went really well. Some students were coming back to the Art after 20 years away! Which is always delightful to see. This terrible photo is from a moment in the class where we were looking at mixed weapons- how would you defend yourself with a dagger, against a spear? On the Monday I was in a photography studio shooting preliminary footage for our VR/AR...

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Hi! I’m flying off to Helsinki today (Thursday). I’ll be teaching a class on Friday night, and the polearms seminar on Saturday. Should be great fun! I don’t know if there are any spaces left, but here’s the link just in case: On Monday I’ll be in the studio shooting footage for the VR project I emailed about a short while ago. That generated a flood of responses, mostly “I don’t have a PICO headset, can you...

17 days ago • 1 min read

Hi! The big news this week is that From Your Head to Their Hands is ready! You can find it at Here’s the blurb: From Your Head to Their Hands: How to write, publish, and market training manuals for Historical Martial Artists “Our favourite writer of instructional manuals”- Neal Stephenson, from his foreword to Swordfighting, for Writers, Game Designers, and Martial Artists. Guy Windsor’s historical martial arts training manuals are legendary. His first was published in 2004,...

about 1 month ago • 5 min read
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